Create Java Project From Maven

This how you should be using maven to create a java project from the scratch.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

If you have already installed maven on your comuter run the following command. This will open you the interactive mode.

This will take sometime to load a big list of varies project types can create using maven.

Last line of the list will be

If you simply enter here maven will create the project relevent to 1785 which is

If you wanna create a different project you can select from the list, for example 2703 will be

If you select 1785 and enter you will be prompted to select the version

You can continue with the default

Then for the next steps you can enter, can confirm by pressing ‘y’

All done, you got a new project for your coding …

Quick Way

Interactive mode is bit time consuming, if you go the data you can create the in a single line as below


Not a great maven fan! ok then this for you …

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